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Swimming Sun

Spirit and Adventure was “Birthed” from my own Inspirational travels to many remote places and feeling how enormously expansive a Sacred Journey is

The diversity of culture, terrain, food and the powerful energy flowing through oddly familiar lands and Sacred sights, showed me the potential that was often hidden within. The potential within these sights for growth and healing, evermore beckoned and led to years of stringent training which became my apprenticeship.

An understanding of the Human Biology, through Fitness, Yoga and Tai-chi. Training in various, fascinating Healing modalities, including, Reiki Mastership. Studying  intensely to graduation with Nine Gates Mystery School.

On retreat for several weeks in India with Spiritual Masters and trekking alone through Tibet all helped me understand that others stories, encounters, or photographs have value of course, however, cannot access the inner realms and timelines as a physical onsite experience. 

Having spent time working with USO in Germany, organising and leading tours for the United States Military and their families was the final piece of preparation to launch Spirit and Adventure.


Julie x

Who is Julie?

At 3 am one morning I lept out of bed to find the domain name of as Divinely guided. It was time! 


I am guided to each Sacred Journey, the timing, and organisation and the forming of the final group is like  writing a Divine Symphony. The Journey itself always the most amazing Adventure. 

Small groups of dedicated like minded people travelling together in safety and comfort, forever changed, is so rewarding. 

I look forward to meeting and sharing the next Spirit and Adventure, Sacred Journey,

Until then,

LOVE from my Heart to yours,

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